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reckless ..

Why am i calling it reckless .. had enough seeing company meddling with their own client, the subscriber. It’s merely than less assure for me, that even a big company behave in such disrespectful manner. The Li* (LP) group had many services, and most of it (not all) problematic. Like they sell-off their telecommunication business and look how their finance institution ranked among local bank.

We actually aware that, from subscription contract, client billing which mostly i can say it profit and benefit them more than us. We as subscriber been put aside if something awkward happen in the running. Proven? Definitely !

Services ..

It’s almost a year my family in PKU subscribe for DV satellite TV branded As* (AS), which its yada yada contact i help assist from here. Okay, from the beginning i have my own argue about why choosing AS (foreign brand) instead In* (IN) which owned by local company.

First, their customized owned channel for Indonesia viewer, which i think they have a good content, featured and artistic program. Even though most of the program made are in contract with local company Ad* (AK). But AS managed to kept their quality program upfront.

Second, even though we subscribe for satellite TV subscription, which at the time had “not yet” hold their satellite broadcast permit within Indonesia sovereignty, their satellite technology had a better video quality compression than what most Indonesia satellite does (even though it tend to meddle most of the time,  when the weather become cloudy, thunder, etc)

But what come shockingly as i already aware for several month is their announcement in my mobile phone, said in the mid of October.

From: Important
Mesage: Maaf siaran As* terhenti s/d pemberitahuan lebih lanjut. Anda yang telah bayar dimuka akan kami hubungi untuk proses refund. Info www.di*.com 021-2552**


Corporate ..

Its been less clueless for me to know how Indonesia company (not most) making their business running, in many description. Whether it involve business expansion, adding variety of services, masked marketing promotion and many more.

So here’s the catch. First, I’m not a typical hypocrite that lead some topic become too frantic. Second, I’d like make thing explained less bored, ease to follow and digest by any novice reader. I was part of, being in, utilize any (legal manner) needed utensils to bolster company image and help me learn more on how they make a living. So, i lay it out here straight, fairly and no offense.

Back to topic, i would say it “bisnis setengah hati”, like the problem i wrote above they had managed to cover it up for years. I won’t put a blame on anyone on this, but I’ll pin point what had occurred.

– Why would LP group spin-off it shared with other shareholder to broadcast AS through DV, if they knew they still have no common sense on shares composition (which will affect funding of DV operational).

– And why DV shareholder had to come neck-to-neck with AS headquarter in neighbor country, if they still rely on major channel transmitted from them (which DV had no control of it). Is that persistence or just look hideous ?!

– Ok, let say that’s all “paper matters”, and look what it causes now. Whose “neck” their put in a line now ? Client, partners and their own DV employees.

– They may try to avoid putting their (shareholder) neck on the line, they even could escape their liabilities in many ways. I think only court of justice could settle these and put charges on these guys ignorance.

– DV shareholder kept insist with their shares composition argument, ignoring other shareholder. Why can they compromise a win-win solution based on their initial “says on paper” not their “lip service”.

Well, i think DV shareholder had been acting recklessly lately. It’s been a week they had postponed the service, the blue screen on the screen remains and they kept promising further “fate” of the services.

Why not finalize these instead, refund back to customer (which must cover loss suffered by subscriber). Even if those guys in DV had a brightest idea on how they’ll run the company wheel again with new brand/channel concept, well “you’ve got it all wrong”. It’s not the matter making yourself turn OFF and ON in a flick and kept the money flow back into your pocket. We had enough with your corporate “greedy” mind.

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  1. @hendrawan: tv swasta kebanyakan sinetron “gak jelas”, ilmunya dikit, hehe .. **hate it* .. tp kalo ntn riau tv bolehlah .. hihi
    @elmo: tv indo yg q ntn cm metrotv .. huhu .. *haus informasi*
    @anomali: yup, padahal kan konten mereka bgs tuh .. sayang manajemennya “amburadul” .. ckck


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