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itadakimasu ..

Selamat makan (“ITADAKIMASU” – “Let’s eat.” ). Hmmm pernah sekali buat #onigiri dengan #seaweed dan pake #wasabi tube. Iseng sih, dengan isian ayam  jadi sih jadi .. tapi gak sejago chef yg biasa bikin di resto. Bentuk nya gak jelas gitu, tapi rasa mendekati lah. Hmmm, tiba-tiba jadi pengen makanan Jepun. Setelah terakhir nyangkut di …

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Activity Friends Thought

trip ..

The trip begun on 19th of November, attend my friend reception and weds on weekend. First weekend seems fine, accompany neighbor in Jakarta on friend weds on Saturday, go single in reception on Sunday, spend Monday till Wednesday wrap up client meeting and Thursday submitting application for monthly report address transfer for my cap’ fund …

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Activity Media

things ..

Radio The holy city of Mecca is truly land where all moslem gather, while people flock and gather in the holy mosque ” Masjidil Haram “, other media also contributes the vibes. This city got its owned 3 FM radio station. There’s 91.5 Mhz and 98.0 Mhz frequency which mostly offer Qur’an reading all day …

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