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The holy city of Mecca is truly land where all moslem gather, while people flock and gather in the holy mosque ” Masjidil Haram “, other media also contributes the vibes. This city got its owned 3 FM radio station. There’s 91.5 Mhz and 98.0 Mhz frequency which mostly offer Qur’an reading all day and 94.7 Mhz that offer more variety like discussion of Islam faith in practice and also holy Qur’an reading.

How did i know these, at night before i went to sleep after finishing Isya on Masjidil Haram  i plugged in to my phone for radio. What i like is how beautiful it sounds when Qur’an reads by locals. It felts like a real deal. Subhanallah.


Ooo, this another thing i stumble upon on my trip. What’s come cheap for communication here? i use Indonesia N*S provider which is owned mostly by Saudi Arabia S*C and Ma*is. The Logo itself looks the same, so my trial using internet for updates cost me around Rp. 200 – Rp. 1,400 per access. The only cheapest rate i could get, text updates sent to Twi*ter or Face*ok via theirs short number cost me Rp. 100 per access.

So here’s few thing i noted if roam using closed provider, it offer signal stability and best roam rates (in my case). Just kept network within Jawwal network, avoid KSA which seems offer pricier rate for roamers like us. Or just buy local pre-paid card which you can get for around SR 20 – SR 50.

Medina city for data access costs Rp. 5k per access, sms Rp. 5,7k per access and call/video call Rp. 10,7k per access. Ooo, i frequently use video call (3G) calling home and it work flawlessly.

Mecca city seems offer different rates than i mentioned above. some features cost around Rp. 1,4k per access.

That’s for now. I’ll definitely going back here someday. Hihi

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  1. ahh how i miss Mecca and Madina!

    anyway, do you remember me? i'm zhenn whom u use to know as the owner of Zhenn (i'm glad that my blog still listed on your blogroll ;D )
    i move my blog to here , hope you don't mind to relink 🙂

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