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windows 10 ..

Ok, i finally upgraded my OS from latest 8.1 version of Windows Pro to the latest March build of Windows 10 Pro. It’s light, quick upgrade process, hence it takes about 3,05 GB of file to download. The new layout and feature, seem more simplified, the new media and photo viewer, live task view and …

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Activity Thought

contradict ..

Look does Fool (in good manner). I’ve learn in the last 5 year, strongly suggest that nothing good will come unless you’ve meddle with the freakiest one first. I’ve always believe that nothing would ever work without hard work, stumbling, felt down, sickened, ignored, etc. Some friend told that maybe most of them just won’t …

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week ..

What’s on a week, another recap, few thing i did in a week. It’s been a while i hadn’t compile a single post which cover vary item, so here it is. 210608 – It’s been a bored weekend, so i decide to go solo today, take Busway to Harmoni, then transit to Kota terminal as …

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calpis ..

Iseng coba pasang sample 1.8MB ini ke folder ../demo di server q dgn interface player sendiri (langsung, tanpa 3rd party server i.e: youtube, daily, imeem). Dan ternyata bisa, bela2in ads nya Masami. Hmm, about the ads itself; i had try several (r) Calpis product, its rarely to find it here in Jakarta but i can …

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Economy Thought

listrik ..

Mulai tagihan Maret ntr PLN akan menerapkan PPN 10% mulai dari rumah dgn daya 1300VA, biasanya ini hanya dikenakan untuk pelanggan diatas 6000VA. Anehnya lagi ini dalih-dalih untuk mengurangi subsidi atas listrik rakyat, atau kasarnya tarif “naik” dengan pelan. Dan yang uniknya lagi, mereka bikin promo bagi rumah tangga yang mampu menghemat pemakaian listrik bulanan …

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