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contradict ..

Look does Fool (in good manner). I’ve learn in the last 5 year, strongly suggest that nothing good will come unless you’ve meddle with the freakiest one first. I’ve always believe that nothing would ever work without hard work, stumbling, felt down, sickened, ignored, etc.

Some friend told that maybe most of them just won’t really understand whats on you, and seem conflicted. Nothing perfect, you can’t go sail smoothly on one paddle, meet the “wildest” could (couldn’t) be your step toward meeting another or settle with current or what’s may come.

So then, i end up concluded these contradict event in 2 random sample.

  1. I think I’ve tried enough to deliver as lite, professionally in look, well being in maintain coming and current customer independently. Incoming inquiry tremendously plausible, but when i need real help to go forward while gain closest support it went numb
  2. I think I’ve managed carefully, selectable, patiently, cautiously whom i close with. But why what’s coming seem full of “surprise” which not on my list as prioritize.

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