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280207 – Just being reminded for last broadband billing, quickly transfer via my phone, confirming their CS whether my payment being debited (and they had). Today mark a month and a week the house roof, ceiling renovation and it almost finish (sure tough monitoring these renovation, material, finance, report, etc.). Flooding in the beginning of February had taught me more about life, live secluded, flood arround, charge my phone at plaza (which also uses power generator), walking freeze in the water, plummed myself in dirt, thank god i dont get cold, flu, dbd or any disease .. yet. Alhamdulillah

020307 – Recently i learnt how japan kept their culture align with current life mode of japanese (trends .. respect culture and cope with both). They called it “rakugo” which meant an art of story telling, just like us watch movies in cineplex, rakugo held in kind a cineplex with stage for rakugo performers seated (common sit on tatami), with microphone, and suited themselves in a kimono. ” sugeeee .. ” kerennn !!

Kalo km ngerti sedikit2 bhs jepang, km bakal butuh penerjemah (ato bs ditebak2), tp kalo lumayan qt bisa geli mendengarnya, karena seni cerita rakugo 1 ini beda, dan aksen, bahasa dan ceritanya bisa bikin qt tertawa. Ini jauh berbeda dibanding pendahulu2 mereka di asosiasi rakugo yg kaku (membuat penonton cepat bosan/ngantuk). Nah beberapa pemuda ini cukup bisa mengolah cerita yang fleksibel, namun masih mengantarkan pesan sesuai alur penyampaian rakugo yang benar. Utk daerah Tokyo, panggungnya ada disekitar daerah Aoyama (kl gak salah), coba deh ..

060307 – Its about 11.30 ET (10.30 WIB) now and i’d been alerted, quake occured around Solok-Padang panjang (west sumatera) about 5.8SR. Several building and town infrastructure been devastated, struck by the magnitude of the quake, which BMG relate to a slope crack in the mid of sumatera, range from Aceh to Lampung (divide the land in 2, like watermelon). My parents in pekanbaru also experienced the same quake with less quake felt, a friend in Singapore also feel the same thing like tremors on mid of the island, skyscraper seem flown in many way. It’s been a nature disaster altely. good Lord, forgive us ..

bUzz: hmm .. gmn kbr dia di b*tam (kerasa gempa kah) ?!@ .. btw hr ini arie email ke milis ngajak anak2 ngumpul yg br respon gw ama danti doank !! mana yg lain nich ?!@

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