causes ..

08.00 – As i watched TV and having breakfast, a news inform a crash landing of GA200 at Yogyakarta let front wheel burnt and flash all over the plane body, leaving the tail intact. There are 133 passenger on board, possible caused by “overshot landing” .. landing at a higher speed, forcing brake to stop instantly. Whose cause is it?

10.13 – Last few day i had sent several email to TEL** corporate, also their CS at 14* and few technician on their phone 70xxx (which i could say lame). Having my home connection n/a for almost a week, thank god i had IM2 standby for use by family. Learn how they response ..

1. Blaming the network Hua**/Alc** fix currently in progress
2. User may had change the setting on PC/modem
3. There has been a mass localize problem (sure, it should impact more user .. not 1/several)

bUzz: kenapa harus diomelin, diam bukan jawaban, lebih baik bicara .. walau hal tersebut berat untuk diutarakan, karena tidak semua orang sama !!

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