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Last saturday me and a friend have a ‘walk en chat’ in AG, bought some cool Japan traditional minature toys on the shop, then find interesting book i rarely collect lately. If it’s not caused by tight schedule, this may caused by whom which stack me with lot of time for read and lecture (back to academic activity, bored).

In summarize, this book told the truly fact, causes, and reason .. like the latest “why Iraq come to fall like these? why fellow Arab letting Saud‘s fall into capitalist promises (transforming holy Mecca into capitalist light town ?!)”.

J. perkins enlightening, told us inner side of dirtiest secret of how conservative republican, align with their destine task to reign the world, lending developed country over promises for the sake of their filthy propose “money” project. Make their money circular, not stuck on their reserve, but earning interest rate of what they’re lending to poor country. Manipulating need-growth percentage (%) prediction to goal their project, thank God IM* and Wor** Bank had less their rule here (if not we might stuck our neck on capitalist feet)

I’m aware, on the 1st chapter founding the company i knew, act more reckless on the other part of the world, leaving drilling holes uncovered, flatten amazon rain forest, blocking river thru it’s water dam electrified turbine.

I’ve summon part of the book i currently read, which came truly amaze me, the truth which my life begun, born and funded by the money of one of 3 largest co’s in the world. Which in the fact “meddling” with locals in other part of the world to vast their corporatocracy (term used by j. perkins). If i marked a quotation, and asked my family fellow, did they ever knew any of these fact? I can assure they’d never fall for it, don’t care, as life goes on, what they care just to earned a penny to make a living.

bUzz: ini hanya review amatir, tidak dimaksudkan untuk menyinggung siapa pun. Sebuah fakta yang perlu diingat, karena menjadi bagian dari “rahasia” sejarah.

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