tense ..

020207 – nearly a month assisting the proj. here, these Friday mark an end for me,coaching attendee, 3 days a week, stranded in secluded puncak ?!@ .. well, it’s cold here .. though !! partner had few weird movie title, which they used to watch here fo a month, even though it’s bored and we even didn’t aware the theme of the movie currently played. teteuup .. ngobrol ampe jam 2 pageeee !!

030207 – it’s raining, and we ride back to jkt .. my phone cannot access jakarta mobile and pstn, failed sent sms, using other mobile i had successfully access home where mom and sis’ trapped in flood, scattered around the house (the house currently dry). speed at fastest possible, with safety precautions on my mind, reach the office exact 45min from puncak to kebayoran !! heck .. gone insane am i ?!@ gone home by cab, all complex access flooded, dropped me near taman solo, walked the flodd above my knee. and electricity just went off for the last 7 hour now.

070207 – this is not like the latest flood occur in 2002, 5 year seasonal rain flow but with higher intensity. on the last flood, my home are flood free, even the car port still dry. but now it’s 10cm deep on carport, and last night rain got the sewer uprise and water rush in my garage, center hall and to the room. thank god i already safe my laptop, the PC and it’s LCD, despite my sadness to sacrifice 1 room which i let flooded filled with refrigerator, few book literature, studies, old documents, and magazine.

bUzz: thank God last maghrib (Friday) electricity finally turned on, after me and neighbors pay a visit to flooded PLN guard an doffice, complaining .. my thank also to RT/RW here for supporting, IM2 and Telkomsel which keep my connectivity quickly restore (avoiding my hardline force) .. and weeks in the future with “resign” ?! (got a lot thought, task, responsible .. which as usually contradict with my current task)

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