2007 ..

w1.end/friday – Well, passing all heck day of the week, I’ve gone home at the latest (rarely) and it’s now 00.12 AM. I’m grateful, her message cheer me up a bit, with a question which i even hadn’t dare to answer yet (u’d better peek my blog often sis’), i might terribly missed it more than how it actually felt .. *halah* mulai deh g, istighfar ‘trix .. hehe .. tp kali ini beneran kyk-nya deh ?@#

w1.start/tuesday – Hmmm, another new year (w/ number 7 behind) .. but hey I’m deeply hoping these gonna be a blazing great learning year for me. I don’t need to exaggerate the celebration as i used to, thus as a Moslem these are not our new year (Hijriyah) celebration. Though, ours come in a few months from now. Have a great day ahead .. Bismillah

bUzz: these blog of mine supported by other server, due last recent asia communication flaw (FO undersea network wreck) caused by 7,1 SR quake in Taiwan.

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