gubrak !!

– Act recklessly sometime, but these week got me exhausted sooner than i ever expected, the week begun in remote field work, heck !! On the previous night hung at completing the final written task, leaving in the morning, almost gone slept on the scene, and goes 2 days after. Then a day in calm in Thursday, but unexpectedly task for event assistance in the weekend, but i’ve got another call part of my home ceiling just fallen, and i’m the only family member here in jakarta in charge on tackling such a matter, finding the carpenter and the electricity guy.

– Did they knew, had them realize, eventough i might live in a certain supportive environment, as already stated my self maintained living for almost 6 year, handling all the job, which my colleague didn’t mind at all. Am i the only living person stack with a lot of thing to think, responsibilities, will i soon experience another conflict of interest between my family, myself and work?

bUzz: yang pasti minggu ini g puyeng, untung natalie bs beri g pencerahan beberapa pagi sewaktu disana .. thx sis’ .. *halah* trix ..

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