quake ..

Last mornin’ I’ve been woken up by phone ring beside my bed, it’s 4.40 AM and i’m still asleep. my dad just called, current experience quake which had lasted around 5 minutes, still and ceiling lamp hanger still moving. i turn on the TV but still no latest update there. indeed, i heard on the radio its multi quake scatter arround Riau province, from Aceh, Mandailing Natal (North Sumatra) and West Sumatra ranging around 5.0 SR. Been reported hundreds of homes (North Sumatra) devastate from this quake, left few human casualties.I praise for the safety and healthy of my mom, dad and lil’ bro, also my closest family there. it’s been a rough, tough day here, which get me homesick lately. Missed my hometown, missed the laugh, the trip, but i still had to run this type of life for a while, wish this task end sooner. Bismillah ..


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