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– Quick gathering at rama wed’ ceremony in bekasi. Met mr. bowo+wife, baki, roy+chishai and indie. Me and rudi got there quicker than expected, hehe though .. at least these one ceremony i’d attend from the beginning. Having some laugh, some snapshot and video, watching rama unique style made slideshow (still with a hillarious touch). When we went home an hour later met j-net, mr. mega and mr. diki on parking lot (a bit later late) .. but hey we finally had a quick chat here.- Got a belated birthday greeting from these two friend of mine here at rama ocassion, well it’s fine with me. Oh i reminded by chishai asking whether i had greet cha last 2 day, i only had to respond ” i dare not to greet her no more, i even hadn’t greet my ex on her last april day .. try to keep distance.. though”.

– Well it’s getting lame lately, so thank God my age added, and time passes by me too easily. Thank God some of my dearest friend still remember this date .. at the exact time, i thank eno, j-net, chishai, indie, didot, mel-b and roy for their remembrance. Hmmm, i praised the Lord for forgivenes, my well thank healthy, for the giving and friendship i had now and the future. Hope on these new age, i come more reliable and more cautious for anything lie ahead. Also thank all to many friend whom sent belated greet afterward, i gratefully thank u all too. may our friendship remain and be the best friend ever. amiin.

– That’s right j-net, i had not re-plugged the hub at jakarta home for broadband, while i wrote these from other devices/network i used recently. It’s not my will as a group moderator to get offline so quick, but i’d rather keep my voices unheard (limited) for certain period of time. I just need a time and do more pray than ever now.

bUzz: thx sis’ ranz for the word, while probably u’d forget what’s on few day before .. who am i to complaint ?!@# hoho


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