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la tahzan ..

Dear Allah .. if i had to leave this instance, i praise U Allah, take care people whom i care and care me. Forgive them whom had hurt me, as so am i. Had my sorry sent to whom i’d hurt. I Thank u Allah for these colorful-meaningful life, which i could felt joy, sad, bitter and happy.

Dear Allah, .. there’ll be no stop over my thanks to U. On my BIRTHDAY, i still given chances for laugh and jokes arround my closest relative, my family dan my dearest friends. Thank Allah for the guidance U had led me to, ease me on solving problems .. my praise on Allah. Keep my soul to kept on your light, avoid me from misery, sickness an bitterness which i currently felt. Help me be tougher dear Allah.

Dear Allah .. if i had in any chances, live longer .. help me to live with smile, insyaAllah i’d kept remind the word ” La Tahzan ” if somethin’ worse come across me again, so i could surpassed it.

Dear Allah .. my thank for these 26 years, i’d met greatness and kindness of all people manner, people whom assist me to see the reality i am facing. i’m aware live on earth is not everything, what’s all come from u Allah, will return to u Allah.

(id) Terima kasih Ya Allah untuk 26 tahun, 9.524 hari, 312 bulan, 228.582 jam, 13.714.909 menit dan 822.894.544 detik hingga saat ini .. seiring 987.473.452 detak jantung-ku masih diberi ridho-mu Allah untuk terus hidup, belajar dan berbagi kebaikan.

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