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1. Monopoly (refurbished duopoly scheme) in my term still classified as part of force dependency scheme (by government) which urge participant and/or client anonymously have their complaint being neglected (decline). And hey, it’s been a public secret most Indonesian governed owned corporate BUMN still adapt these kind of attitude, and well hierarchy structure in their internal management, but still insist their professional adaptable corporate look. Well, it’s look quite well if compared to most governed provincial employee.

Well, as for not all BUMN act within false corridor of GCG, I had to comply on one sample company called TELK** which largely owned most domestic PSTN, even with their increasing profit ahead, still complaint on their PSO to serve more than 75% Indonesia citizen which still unable to access the vast and fast growing communication coverage. I still noted these on my complaints to these company (on their DSL registry). How come a large corporate such as they are could not work accordingly with their own hierarchy. I had to say TELK** is one of the worst type of hidden management compliance failure.

2. Another thing is, based on our GDP and population, which a month agostated income per capita around US$1,500 keeps questioning me. I do agree with some panelists whom also confront these on latest forum, these is MISLEADING!! If that kind of approach assumption stated as it is, how come the government and provincial counterpart failed to manage people flow to dense area, and not spreading the infrastructure development widely to less dense area. While us in this dense city felt bitter, seeing people live in poverty along sidewalk and riverside, traffic jam, unable to find a suit job which led to an increase of unemplyment/laid-off work force. So in temporary i concluded 2 simple formulas of Indonesian work behavior.

1st – Full-throttle planned-project with inadequate and un-managed budget.
2nd – Non compliance BUMN work environment and lack of services excellence (don’t mind losses, while still subsidized by government)

bUzz: (id) sedikit serius melihat sekitar g karena waktu yg diberikan saat ini cukup untuk membuat g melihat dan mengerti lebih. (en) a lil serious time, seeks whats all around me, enough for me to understand a lil bit more. hihihihi

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