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Wrote it, before it pass my head .. i’ve got several call, some message and many ideas and hopes today. well, if i remind about latest 2 topic subject “closest“, it comes to my attention .. a personal psychology thought may applied here. i may have to clarified this with my old friend whom major in psychology, she’s in borneo now w/ her husband. So here what i had in mind for now ..1. It’s hard for her to easily confess about own personality, and being reluctant to accept any opinion or suggestion for a while. even tough deep inside, she’s glad there several person she knew whom take a deep care over her problems.
2. From another side, i’d seen some images she re-produced on her own, and found that she’s trying it hard to resemble the most accurate one. she’s crop there, pictured there, stick it along, giving it a new snapshot. just want all member to be in a 1 whole big family picture, even tough it’s hard to.
3. A mistake occur, when met a wrong person?! a wrong time?! a wrong dimension?! even if she could turn the time around would it be anyone to help, or how can she survive on her own w/o assistance. Great lord !! of course she can, don’t question it why .. it’s a must, and it’s every person destiny to work on it’s own hand !!

bUzz: i just had chatted this afternoon with my fellow trusted friend, for privacy i’d also omit the person name involved, no time constrain occurred.

2 thoughts on “concluded ..”

  1. tp baca2 dr post lo sblm-nya jgn2 salah satu rekan lo yg crt itu, ada masalah jiwa .. jgn2 lho. munqn dia sedang buat skenario sendiri, dan libatin lo dlm dunianya, hati2 trix,..

    cb liat dari dimensi lain .. dr dia, objek dan sisi netral kadang2 gw pgr bkn objek aja yg perlu dibantu tp, rekan lo itu jg. masalah jiwa? mgkn, kdg2 trix org t’lalu smart bisa aneh2 dgn dunia khayalnya.

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