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3 days ago ..

19.00 – ooops almost forget, 3 day past i’d reply ndY quote “torn in pieces ..” on her messenger, she’d replied. hihihihi, i’ve just missed this cute creature, eventough i’d shutted her subdomain on my server, i’m still looking forward to that time. missed u girl !! ..

21.00 – recently didot just called, about last gathering. he’d message a friend that time on her look, and being assure that it’s the biggest mistake of hislife. great lord, how come bro’? no way, it’s normal for a person to express that, if u wouldn’t so would it help you on any progress? so what’s wrong with trial and get an error, if the opposite is an open minded person, so there’ll be no problem at all. come on .. u no more differ than me !! but i can handle it till now !!

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