ruins ..

09.00 – Just got an e-report, domain under sanUgraH network whom publicized by Mediaenam experienceing an error. A server down perhaps, i think. It’s a domain which got the problem unsolved (currenlty). Now in maintaining process.

14.00 – It’d been planned well in the beginning, a 13th date proved it’s unpleasant treat now. There’s been a mislead, misjudge and i’m being disoriented. I’d planned to settle these within a week or two at least, now i’ve got to postponed all phase, and waiting for a miracle (again). Despite my disbelieve of miracle, i’d take any noted seriously, but the fortune had not so pleasant arround me yet. So if the next info gone too far from my reach, i’ll have to let bro’ roy goes first. I’m not pesimistic, but time and destiny has been quarrel with all my honest thought and dream since “that” time .. until now.

bUzz: a friend j-net quoted me these, ” those who dream big and faithful 2 their dreams amid d odds & d obstacle during d process of realizing it, will make it come true. these dreams maybe beyond believe “.

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