japan (part 1) ..

Hello, it’s been long i have not write any updates here. So here my latest journey with family accross continent (within Asia). It’s a trip accompany my dear sent by her company to their East Asia headquarter in Japan. 22 September – ANA arrive at Narita International Airport Terminal 1, meet some “bule” offered us …

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sella ..

In 4 month this song will rollback to our 2 years #sella. You and #keenan all i’ve got to shape our future in #jannah .. Insha Allah. Missed you always while i work, missed you while i’m in distance work duty and missed both of you the #love of my life and our lil cute …

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Activity Others

2017 ..

Tahun 2017 pertanda lembaran hidup kami bertambah, dengan bayi mungil dan istri yang setia menemani, perjuangan seberat apapun terasa ringan. Saat pulang berkumpul dan ibadah bersama, tak terasa 1 tahun berlalu, barokah yang tak ada habisnya. Alhamdulillah. Jadi akhir tahun 2016 lalu, kita dilema antara ingin menghabiskan waktu dengan lakukan perjalanan darat 2 jam ke …

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Activity Thought

before us ..

We’ve start it in a very simple way. From beginning i eager myself to approach her in that place, as i know it’s her from far. What surprise me on our first met she tag along that tote bag filled with fruit as gift. Which later she shared, she doubt whether to bring it on …

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Friends Thought

ini kisah ..

These conclude 2 simple conversation, we both chatted for last few week during Ramadan. Last month i mention simple story regarding Taraweh, this month my friend story tell another simple thought. How cocky we are to complain, thus in Allah sight everything measured in possibly different way. This month, a close friend of mine ask whether i …

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