japan (part 2) ..

27 September
– ‎Got woke early in the morning, pack everything for Sella conference, me and keenan accompany sella to her venue. Making sure right place. At first we ride from Shin okubo and drop at Shibuya, take a south exit and go west to Shibuya bus stop. At first it seem close from the map, we stroll walk from station to Bellesale. Ride a bridge, go hike with stroller. Her conference start at 09.00 hrs, me and keenan stroll around, get to the nearest park across Malaysia embassy. Make short video call to my sister abroad, while some kindergarten kid passby in group behind keenan stroller. It near lunch we stroll back to Bellesale, step by Lawson accross the road and rest beside sella conference buiding. Feed keenan his lunch, and ate my meals. In the afternoon sella suggest we use bus to Shibuya, we take a bus number 51 then. Get to the station and went back to apartment.
– ‎Before went home, we stroll around Shin Okubo, buy meal from Pakistani briyani, on way home seek a cosmetic/kids utensil store to find keenan depleted diaper stock, 1040 yen for 14 pieces, that well enough for day left here, better than buy a pack of 30 diaper.

28 September
– Same routine as yesteday, as we arrive at Shibuya we take a bus no 51 to Bellesale, its cheaper and faster than walk, hehe. After making sure sella at her conference, me and keenan decide to stroll back to Shibuya. Take bus no 05 from accross, drop at station walk nearby Hatchiko statue and walk accross iconic Shibuya crossing, go straight to Tsutaya building take a lift to 6th floor for bookstore. Spend almost an hour there, got some child education book, and photobook. Then we head stroll back to bellesale with bus no 51 near lunch.
– Sella got subway vegetarian sandwich snack, but we decide to find nearest mosque, Tokyo camii. We try seem not far, half the road the bus we waited not showing, almost her 2nd session conference, the we stroll back to bellesale. Me and keenan just wandering around the building, nearby 7 eleven, Lawson then headed back to Bellesale park beside. We end the day back to Shibuya with bus, enter Tokyu foodmart, find some halal ingredient onigiri, sweet potato, and a helped by a really well spoken english customer service. We stroll around to find halal food nearby, but the strong cold wind and rain force us to postpone the search. Headed back quickly to the station and went home. We purchase 2 suica yesterday since our JR pass no longer valid start today (we bought the JR pass Hokuriku 7 day).

29 September
– Last full day, visit sella office in Tokyo meet and great with staff for half an hour, meet mr yazid and staff. He suggested us to visit Jami mosque near Yoyogi patk, take 1 subway, a Tokyo metro line (non JR line). Arrive at the station near mosque, and it is a climbing walk. It is Tokyo camii we try to reach before, beautiful mosque. Built by Turkish, jumatan finally, khatib spoken in Japanese, Turkish and English. Got a free lunch, a mutton meat with rice.
– ‎after this we stroll back to the station nearby to headed straight to Sanrio Puroland, which by means is far enough, outside Tokyo central. An hour trip and climb, 2 mountain tunnel with train. Arrive there around 15.00 hrs, and the park close at 18.30 hrs. It is a theme Toy park, much better than Ancol to compare, hehe. Bought some gift and order for our families. Step by nearby Daiso for some goodies, as it already night and this is our last full day stroll in japan. Then headed back home to Shinjuku, we exhaustd and take a cab from that station to home, it cost around 860 yen around rp 90,000.
– ‎Drop stuff in the room, then seek whats in asia super store nearby to find some meals, but nothung interesting, sunce we already hqd food to eat at room. This close our last full day here in japan.

30 September
– Morning start slowly, aling packing our staff to headed back to Jakarta. The suitcase now more packed than before. Sella bring the middle size luggage, while i bring the big one and a flip lifter. At 10.00 hrs we already left the building, take a cab to Laox Shinjuku, buy some Halal goodies, and yea its all chinese staff there, i have some difficulties explain my demand in japanese text, since i thought they were japs, but instead they wrote something in return, in my knowledege is more complicated word than kanji, they wrote in chinese to explain to me. Sigh, i had to translate my demand in chinese then. Hmm, a shop in Japan, but an abroad staff, and didn’t undestand Japanese proverb, even English.
– Done here, stroll direct to Tokyo station to take Narita express. The cab had us circled the station, which we suppose to pay around 1500 yen, we had to pay hefty 3000 yen. We had no choice cause got large cases, and bring a baby, local train seem obselete in our choice of transport for these quick ride.
– ‎Entering the station and JR ticket office to buy Narita expres on 13.30 hrs schedule, exchange my 100 usd bill to 10000 yen, fear of over capacity luggage in the airport and ticketed an extra fee then. It take an hour from Tokyo station to Terminal 1 Narita, checked in baggage at ANA airline counter, and yes we had to pay an extra fee for 1 luggage. A hefty 6000 yen, decide not gonna use my 10000 yen bill, hand her my bca visa card to swipe then.
– ‎Even in the last hour in airport we still hunting Halal meal, and find a ramen shop in the terminal which certify its Halal. Seen fellow muslim here too eat ramen, so its ok to proceed. I took 1 portion, my wife order almost 3 portion since she still hungry. We ate, as me finish i took keenan for walk nearby, oh there’s a prayer room designated for muslim too in the 5th floor, as the ramen i mentioned before are in the 5th floor also.
– ‎We almost boarding and still wandering around station, as our ticket mentioned its 15 minute before boarding then we hush hurry to the gate, we never guess we gonna stuck in security which that had to scan my backpack again and again, and i have to soft shout the officer “hayuku”. Gate  58a seem close but hell it is still far, whenever direction point it, we seem unable to lock where the gate officer, its like no ending tunnel, sigh. We run, i worried sella running, i bring keenan in stroll by running, he laugh seeing his dad short breathed running. Haha, we finally see it, and it down below, a stair.

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