Today shall mark our seven years of marriage (but fate says another). We”re destined to meet, made a small family, then blessed with kiddos .. alhamdulillah.

Had Allah taught me lesson of life, the hard way? Yes, this has been one off it and I’m living it, along with the legacy entrusted.

I love her so much. I’ve never met a single person whom life has been so positive. Yeah, no one is perfect. Anyone has minor, including me. Of all that year always learn being the best husband for Her and being the best Dad for Kiddos. You’ll always be the great Mom and Wife that give a birth of two life’s, an optimistic sample of parenting in learning. My sholehah Wife till we all gather again in Jannah, aamiin.

Allaahumma innaa nas-aluka salaamatan fid diini wa ‘aafiyatan fil jasadi wa ziyaadatan fil ‘ilmi wa barokatan fir rizqi wa taubatan qoblal mauti wa rohmatan ‘indal mauti wa maghfirotan ba’dal mauti.”

“Ya Allah kami memohon kepadaMu keselamatan dalam agama, dan kesejahteraan/kesegaran pada tubuh dan penambahan ilmu, dan keberkahan rizqi, serta taubat sebelum mati dan rahmat di waktu mati, dan keampunan sesudah mati.”

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