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oddity ..

One thing I’m having a hard time apologizing for is those who take advantage of you and still (perhaps) on the pretext of religion leave you in a level of pressure that is not light. You have a history of illness, work, a small family with children and you are still plagued with big family matters.

You are helped but they are also benefited, walahualllam. When you are dying, our family is sick, children are taken over like goods, the boy are left with nanny in a sick condition instead being monitored consistently, eyeing us through nanny, control our kitchen affairs, make decisions without my knowledge, bypass authority and our independence and now I’m left alone is considered to be lacking spurs.

Oh, how much rage i had on how they mistreat us. You taught me to sacrifice in patience, and take a deep breath. How anything happen for a reason, to learn, to forgive ourselves and to make our journey way great than others. Bismillah as always on everything, thank you honey.

Remember these, the world is not just sad and happy. As long as I am still alive (In Sha Allah) and there is still my humble family in Pekanbaru, don’t try to talk about our children without my knowledge. We will have no problem, if none of you creates new problems in the future.

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