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These conclude 2 simple conversation, we both chatted for last few week during Ramadan. Last month i mention simple story regarding Taraweh, this month my friend story tell another simple thought. How cocky we are to complain, thus in Allah sight everything measured in possibly different way.

This month, a close friend of mine ask whether i had heard the story, i replied nope. There’s a girl in my friend neighborhood, called her name Sari. This girl always excited when seeing my friend car in afternoon, jump in joy cause she now who’s driving home from work. Sometimes, she voluntary open the gate, that heavy one and also being the parking girl. My friend didn’t ask her to do that.

She’s about my friend age, but having #downsydrome and #untalkative. It’s kind a thing that made my friend think, even though how tired, exhausting during the day, experience this kind a thing made my friend smile. Even the girl could only speak “ugh.. mm..”. It’s kind thing that remind you to be thankful of given chances from Allah, less complaining, while there’s in fact out there, less unfortunate people, but have thrive. Subhanallah

#inikisah #ig

Last month i babble about a little boy, maybe about 3 years old, tuck in the mosque for a first week of Ramadan. Isya then Taraweh. It seem the little boy tagged along with his 2 elder brother, which seem cautious, but less effort to drag their little brother to stay put and in line while people march for pray.

And then we all stood up, lining side by side for Isya, these also occurred on Taraweh. This little boy wandering around saf in front of us. From front row behind Imam, 2nd row an so on. Flash mind wandering, where his parent whereabouts. And then he’s smiling to each of us he’s passing by, i can’t help by it soothe the tension instantly. While we all gone sujud he stopped, as there’s an alert within himsel he should stop. Then i ignored this kids since he behave, and concentrate with my pray and who am i to complain.

This is mosque, Allah house, whoever can come in to pray. Who am i to complain, thus i witnessing this awkward situation, i’m sure angels are guiding this kid to behave. This boy just breath the world in a count of finger in years, and he’s learning. Subhanallah

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