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Yup, it’s more than a while i wrote anything related to economy article here in my humble blog. So here it is, titled this as #indeks which in english synonym as #index. This simple writing solely pin point some facts related to IDX or solely known globally as JCI.

Since last year election, the euforia of newly elected leader has raise hope and expectation in many terms and for any groups. Some says future gonna be bright, some had doubt about it. In part of economy, where all major companies listed shares in the market are liquid in some term, there has been question about how volatile it is, if year 1997 loop back. Most of us well aware, most major company share holder majority owned by seashore company and individuals. Over a hundred million population in Indonesia, less than 30% of them had stake in Indonesia Stock Exchange, the other percentage foreign in which easily took their fund to seashore.

I’ve monitored these since economic crisis, how index plunge easily. When prospect in this country i lived in become uncertain. Major blackout! It most likely what you see happening know in Greece (2015) where all bank closed their facility for a week, amid not proven yet, fear of sudden mass fund withdraw.

Lately i’ve help a little in a company that had privelege to JCI and its up to date investor registered profile and how they trade in various period. It is true, it is fact, as what it seem this market instrument just as pitstop for quick earner and professional gambling. You can easily spotted the fonomena on IPOs.

For 2015 it seem a bit slower in progression, since the new leader had to manage its internal, while also pursue infrastructure furthermore in tight timeline. JCI itself being left awhile for fund raise for most company, its not compromise for this time. Most of them find another way to funding, such as generate new shares and/or make new debt portfolio to offer. For what it seem, most of local comapny tend to offer it “again” to seashore company, indirectly and unpublished, which will raise foreign percentage involvement in company listed in JCI (foreign investor profile) characteristic. In contrary for local investor profile will receed accordingly.

Be not be fool by numbers (i.e: index). One of strongest economy base is make your own way of making a living (i.e: entrepreneurship). Each citizen had to make their creativity and idea into something solid and real, in return it will support themselves and strengthen nation economy in the future. Religion also say, nothing good come from what we called gambling. It is valid for many times, from prophet years till now. Wallahualam.

*) IDX = Indonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia)
*) JCI = Jakarta Composite Index (Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan)
*) IPO = Initial Public Offering (Penawaran Saham Perdana)

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