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1429H ..

I though it was rain here in JKT, but it comes to be as hot as it used to. The northern JKT is flooded recently. Still but here at the central, Alhamdulillah still dry enough to walk on. Here some stuff happen in the last few day.

another day ..

– I missed the “padang” food here at PKU, there are many specialty food here than what you could find there at SUMBAR. From many stall around the city i recommend KAPAU near Pasar Bawah, GOBIND at Pattimura or try KOBU (which i already ate since I’m in school). Eat it “Nasi Ramas” on pack or just eat on the spot.

– It’s a rainy weekend in PKU, with its uncertain weather. Guys at the other house is still finishing the 2nd floor and front fence, stair remain unfinished. My lil’ bro’ back in school these Monday, pick him in the afternoon.

another day ..

– The new STB being installed at JKT hub, migrating FM Analog CATV to Digital Home cable. Now i had to watch the tv with these decoder, w/o it i just got local terrestrial channel. I think it’s good since most rented dormitory misused it to offer room tv more, than what they had paid for.

– Making adjustment to home and personal expenses, omitting (or change) service plan to a least pricey one, so i could save more. Most goods price gone mad lately.

another day ..

– It was a great flight from PKU to JKT, utilze my GFF card and earn some more point to my account. But indeed i hate the fuel surcharge that keep hike and make the airfare getting more pricey.

– I used to had a cab from airport to home, but today i prefer wait for the bus to sent me to Gambir instead, then ride a cab to home from there.

– I take a short time to reply some email and make few calls. I almost forgot, pay a visit to old fellow neighbor on coming event, Insya Allah i could help a bit later in march.

– Refrigerate my snacks, some bottled “grapes” to accompany “cemilan”.

– Ooo chiny and roy just called to come by for an invitation. It was a good news, they finally reach this point, Alhamdulillah. Got a new car guys ?!@#

And for the rest HAPPY NEW 1 Muharram 1429H. Hope a great luck lies ahead

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