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j-pop ..

I’ve found updated chart of music hype in Japan (which i endure to follow) here, international music chart listed here too. The web itself has a flash based interface, which most browser able to view, its a bit heavier in graphics but worth to surf. Ooo, these site has music preview 038.gif button which u can hear the stream directly via your Winamp or latest Windows Media 11.

7 thoughts on “j-pop ..”

  1. yup, denger preview 30detik aja sih tp lumayan bisa denger dan update musik baru dari jepang. kalo mau cari versi full, yah bisa via P2P ato via SNS music portal banyak jg (asal qt tau aja cara nyimpen file *.flv nya aj, ntr tggl convert deh ke format mp3/.aac).

    ribet yah .. beli yg asli deh .. tp jarang di indonesia bro’ .. hehe

  2. you mean I can hear those music directly when opening windows media player… hmmm.. I don’t get anything about ur info or my english is bad but, I like Music….
    1 more where’re u form??? I’m original from Pekanbaru! Lho…

  3. duh, lagi males nih .. ada sih bikin bbrp footnote kegiatan cm lagi males aj bawa-an.nya .. hiatus sementara, tp g usahain nulis balik segera .. thx for the support bro’ ..

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