ied-fitr ..

Hari ini berangkat pagi2 sekali kejarin ke rumah grandma (ortu ayah), ditengah jalan kena guyur hujan deras lagi, jalan bawa dua kendaraan biar mudah ntr mencar pas silaturahmi ke rekan2.

Tune radio ke flyFM 94.0Mhz malaysia, kebetulan pas lagunya wkt itu dari “will-i-am”, subuh2, dingin2 dengerin lagu dgn beat, agak aneh rasanya kalo tune ke radio lokal yang masang dj-mix untuk suara takbiran .. dari dulu g dgrnya aj malas kl takbiran dibikin musik dgn backsound dj-mix gini.

After visiting grandma in tangkerang, drop some goods near acacia hub, then we go on in speed to “masjid agung an-nur” in city central, most of attendee already prepare for the pray in the vast park, but it seem its going to be rainy soon, i stood with parent, wait, then quickly decide approach the mosque sidewalk, then the announcement came the prayer will be held in the mosque because the rain are in effect, its crowded, I’m in the 2nd main hall floor.

It’s a weird day, weather seem uncertain with it mild, hot and rainy. it’s just getting worse when i leave last relative visit in the afternoon, than faced with hard raining while drove, water seem flooded main boulevard. i even get to the point of stuck, about half an hour i guess, the road seem flooded, i had to turn around the car to find alternative route, some flooded about 15cm deep, which in some cases i had to go through. but i manage to get at acacia hub an hour and a half hour later.

bUzz: thank mita, yuke, rama, adeetz, pidia, mas mega, j-net, ba-q, alia, elys, rudi, aklam, lady, mbak rina, arie, ranny, lyla, deddy, chiny, aline, erfie, bang tondy, danti, roy and santi for ied greeting.

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