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gather ‘99 ..

Leave the hub in the afternoon to RBI, then to PKU to attend “buka puasa” gathering at the hotel cafe, its being handled by alex and lady. I had previously asked alex there’ll be about 40 attendee.

Met old friend here, i neglect to attend any of these for the last 3 year, well at least i could met michael, ully, piter, yoyok, ayos, pinot, ikhwan, pidia, mia, citra, lady, alex, rio, oscar, mario, denny, anggi, andri, ayos, charles, bowo, rivie, bodat, dayat, ruly, uul, ejaq. If i hadn’t extend the wait 30 minute more i may not met aline and icha.

There’s final showdown quiz on “win-lose-draw” kind a game between social and science class, a door prize in which attendee perform exact what the message in the baloon told, and final remarks by several friends. Which is come to me at the latest prior my early leave from gathering.

I made it short and simple, ” it’s been a pleasent day, great gathering, nice friend, and my apology not attend previously held gathering”. They ask who impress me at school, i just could say “the person just arrive here within last 30 minutes “, up to them to make a guess ?@#

i learnt there’s part of life that uncertain, the more exact preparation i made, the more blur it suffer (in my case) “.

bUzz: even though i left empty handed, u gaze me when u enter the room tonight. some images soon be submitted in my flickr archive and my server, compiling it from cameras (phone and DSLR) exist.

7 thoughts on “gather ‘99 ..”

  1. nice to meet you atrix – see the BUBAR photo at flickr

    pokok nya gitu lah… susah kali bahasa inggris aku neh, suka cabut pas kelas bu EVA 😀

  2. hehe, bahasa inggris den pun brantakan bang uul. hmm kelas bahasa inggris aku sempet ntr ama bu eva, tau deh anak2 ‘rada’ rajin masuk kelas dia kenapa ?@#

  3. cuma mau bilang..semoga ikatan ukhuwah islamiyah angkatan 99 + angkatan before and afternya tetap dijaga yah…
    terima kasih NINETYNINERS…


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