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Iseng2 ada talk host baru radio nich, pengen denger gimana acara radio disini. Ilangin sedikit khawatir setelah kemaren kena imbas gempa di Nii-gata sekitar jam 10.13 pagi walaupun cm kerasa 3SR di Yebisu Garden Place sini. Tapi dengan gedung2 tinggi disekitar, kl lg sial korban bisa ampe ratusan. Kembali, jadi walaupun radio ini pake bahasa yang asing buat g, bela2in .. padahal cm buat dgr suaranya doank.

It’s Masami new program title “Undecidedness (Temporary)” which aired since April 8, 2007. A radio program currently introduced by Channel 2. It’s called that title cause Masami want the listener to suggest the title for her, as the show continue many suggestion coming .. creative ?#@

It is already a serious program, broadcast from 10:00 on Sunday night. Here is latest aired show @broadcast: 2007/07/15.

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