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Landed on home country, back to uncertain, ending up my “round-a-round” for another spin and back to old routines. it’s been a pleasent journey last few week and it gave me “at least” a bit of hope, and willingness to go further beyond “waiting” ?!@

Kembali ke kota yang panas ini, ditambah musim kemarau disini lebih dulu 2 bulan ketimbang disana. Well, mom akhir2 ini kembali kurang fit fisiknya dan beberapa kali sudah monitor dan cek up ke rumah sakit, seingat q terakhir mom kemo* beberapa bulan lalu, dan sekarang masih treatment dengan obat prescription dokter. Untung ada adek q ifadh di pku yg bisa nyetir dan bantu mom sepulang dia sekolah, tp mengingat persiapan bokap mau pensiun butuh assistance tambahan, adek q mia sudah menyusul senin kemaren. Dad akhir2 ini jg lagi padet ama kerja jelang pensiun.

So my queued progress here, downgrade all my over-joy living hype, leave these stagnant typical of job desk and start think-do what plausible, which include “ingatan akhir” project. At the most, treating ur parents with good faith, it’s all i pursue from now on (more effort). They’re all i got, since i had no idea whether these capitalists ideology built co’s i recently join thought anything within corridor of “basic human ideology, respect and manners” ?!@

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