fall ?@#

have u ever felt, broke ur own leg, rip part of ur body. i had, been there, been on that verge, a cruise, along the stream that brought me, gave me a lot of hope. i may in the past messed up, trying hard to contemplate with it, until now.

driven by the stream, it’s massive, so powerful, its velocity beyond my will and strength, but miracle showed i can finally survive, miracle show that, i can somewhat be something that i never imagine.

my surrounding may had a lot of hope, support me, but i felt miserably couldn’t fulfill “at the most” their demand, feel myself detach part by part. i do not know whether my ego enlightened every step i goes along, or nature may had showed it is wrong to have my own judgment.

bUzz: heard classical orchestra; James De Priest 1 Op.68-1 and #12 Op.10-4 then tag my Technorati

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