haaah ..

23.55 – Whatever lah, as far i had the access .. i meant to use it on certain time, not to misused or else, if they block it i had nothin to comply .. done mine already !! hihihi . It’s theirs and i just want these to go well in the future. I had try my best, if it ends here, it’s up to them. If they called these typical thought .. ” nerd ” i would say ” saviour ” .. what else i can share and assist than help others, to make life a living journey, not a death tales. Wishes all my friend a blessed future and greeting from me here far a away.19.00 – Recently i’d been notified that Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Aiport will add it’s other new terminal specialized to facilitate major growth of low cost carrier airplane, let say its Cengkareng new LCC air terminal. If terminal 1 used for mostly domestic, 2 for mid-class flight and international, 3 for worker passage then it’s may a terminal 4 (or may utilized current terminal 1 instead). These follow latest KLIA new LCC air terminal range 20km from current KLIA airport, in malay i would say ” diih .. tak nak mengalah orang2 jakarte nee ?! ” .. sure it’s a crowded skies .. hihihihi

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