lately ..

29/03 – old closest friend of mine, now with her husband settle in kalimantan. a bit shocked when she messaging me noted me “ ntr ada yg mo jd om2 .. hehe ” that it’s her 3 month pregnancy. ask how i’m doin’ here, my studies. i’d replied a short notice to congratulate, take care over her activity and health, that’s it .. i wouldn’t try to type more text, a short acknowledge from me is enough, be well there and send my best regard to ur family and husband.

28/03 – i passed by the garuda office today, along to pick the ticket i’d order yesterday over ticketing. i paid a visit also to old collegue on her office there, as i knew her a year ago when i comply over my corporate ticketing there a year ago, we’d exchange contacts since, it’s been a few month since our met. she noted me today, how’s everythin’ there ms. hen** ?!

27/03 – since this blog having some mainteneace over the main server (bannerless/no-ads), i’d to moved some stuff to backup/support server (with these annoying banner/ads). for a while ignore the ads appear on my site, hope the main server recover soon. bismillah ..

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