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closest ..

What this all about?! has it been a little lie all over?! .. she’s chubby less her “…” he’s bright less his ” … “, while I’m gone clueless less my ignorance !! I’ve been on these for several months, knowing more about it’s, just keep me wondering .. ” if i could, whether any of us could do any to help ..”. I’m curious, but can’t pursue more just hopes lie ahead .. would my ignorance, his ignorance make any changes. I missed, i loved and thanked when we all met .. lacked time pass for a quick share, and it has been a great time. Care her just like my inner circle family, nothing more. While i’m stood here, still watching u .. and following ur track for a good changes. bismillah ..bUzz: while in my pray ” would God gave them any chances to ..”. I’ve just missed those time seeing they goes along, and seem had never write a hard topic as these before ..

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