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again ..

19.00 – again .. time consuming !! those old habit i used to do, as my closest friend say .. when it involve her it always come spend the next 60′ on spoken bla .. bla .. bla. hihihihi, even tough i’ve got warned by my friend. it happen sometimes .. when the mood apply ?! just miss some friend related ..

21.00 – hey it’s gathering last afternoon, and myself, arie, putree and elys got it turned. so us urge to settle next gathering. it does seem we might plan a trip and gather in bandung soon ?! if not, it’s my house got it turned like what it used to hehehe .. it’s ok for me held it here, so let other ideas appear first.

22:45 – inget2 kt bayu td “nyentil” .. trix, koridor 2 (tebak aja lintang jalur arah mana tuh diujung tomang) udah jalan tuh tiggal terusin aja .. hahahaha, salah bro itu mah udah masuk koridor 3 !! ide nyentil lo ada bener-nya nggk seh bro’ ?! maklum sesuai zidiak, gw kebanyakan mikir dan hati2 ya begini jadinya, hahaha.

23.15 – dapet laporan, br baca email IP server utama gw mati lagi di datacentre .. huhuhuhu, udh gw backup seh ke server yg lain dgn IP yg berbeda, tp koq malah jadi muter2 yah ?! ntr ke server IP utama, tiba2 pindah ke IP server backup (untung frontpage udah gw set sama, biar gak membingungkan). moga resolve segera deh dari ISP lokal biar bisa ke crawl seperti biasa.

bUzz: about 2 top quote, hope i’ll settle this written jobs soon, or i’ll have to postponed all planned trip above .. bismillah ..

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