a week journey ..

it’s not lonely itself to be. having absent for almost a month whether it’s online, office, remote contacts .. doesn’t cost me a thing, not a penny, not a time, not a worthless conversation (if any), not a sightseeing, just a plain me and for myself .. still in activity, border less from any disturbance, watching people walk, talk, whisper, smile, laugh, cheer, story tell around me. gooosh, glad to know what a plural world we livin’. There some that i hate the most in life, and i’m not intend to express it here, while then while i watch, read over my “invisibility” i learnt .. people, not all but most took precautions act and do’s if it/they found new thing. even for myself i’ve learnt more and to learn more about how people thought and mind works out. Sometimes it appears like a reluctant over something that if tried to know it more, we/they/any could find new thing to learn and discover. wassalam.

laugh, cheers .. those livelihood euphoria .. just settled for a while. once in our life look distances and u may find what u meant for the world u livin’ .. ” (other me)

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