weekend summary .. part 1

290505 – thought, hopes and my pray goes to these .. just make a guess. (duh lupa ap gw tulis tadi ye, sebelum ketimpa yang part 2) .. ntar diupdate lg deh ..310505 – inget2 yg post 29/05 kemaren, sumpeee .. kl mau ditulis panjang amit. untuk minggu ini ada beberapz quotes dari sohib dan temen2 yg post ke inbox yang jadi catatan gw, sebagian memang harus jadi peringatan bahaya .. i can’t believe had to believe what i don’t wanna to believe .. do i had to lose this one ?!!!!!

a. learn to know it more, than bring my self into unconditional stages
b. it might felt a bit uncomfortable? .. i hope not .. but who knows ?!
c. it might had gave those sign, despite my eager to approach .. do u mean, what u meant was me? if does u’d better tell the truth instead .. silent could sometimes had two meaning: solution vs avoidance
d. understand it more, at this stages, new, young, hype, it needs more patience .. and i need to learn more ..
e. mmm, what else ? .. only brief, worldddddddd =)

sometimes i had to admit my ego and act which quote ‘over’ than usual, so i’m deeply sorry. as no one felt got any perfect than avoid his own weaknesses, his understand on people thought and feel. well, sometimes that force need a little tune-up to handle itself based on it’s environment rational prescription

(it = could be refer as some .. i knew)


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