zion ..

Reincarnate of profound nation that once oppressed them in the past, or an historical illiterate thinking playing victim and looking for revenge at another nation to be prosecuted.

Zionism had always associated themselves to Jewish. They are not related at all, any critics point at them treated as Antisemitism. History recorded beside Zionism initiated by atheist Herzl, its movement based on approach to hard liner militia Jabotinsky, they’re atheist, strangled anyone who block their ways. Wanna know how IDF are formed, it is by far grouping more than one Zionism militia inside it (Hagenah, Palmach).

Cropping a land between Sinai and Mediterranean is just another step they prolong for what they assume is their rights. Lose your hope on western, especially USA politic that pawned and control by AIPAC, as they’re best friend

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