pandemic ..

It’s April and the year has passed miraculously with missed routines. Like visiting my families at Pekanbaru, and these has been a second year locked out here in Java with no clear time frame how to safely travel for me and my families. Just realized I have gone passed 40 and aging, hence missed that hometown dearly. These so called Covid is nothing like Cupid in a sense of relation, it make huge distance either here in Jakarta and for those far away.

For me technology does help in a sense to complete phisical appearnces, but for me a fce to face encounter is much suited. Then here comes #Ramadhan year 1422 and government regulate to ban any traveling during these recoveries period. When will it end, now it felt that I haven’t sick of hometown more than 2 years (which never happen before).

Am I wrong, or stamen above seem condescending?

2 thoughts on “pandemic ..”

  1. I am just afraid that the implementation of heath protocol if it keep continuous until unknown then it will go beyond the limits of human patience.

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