yume ..

It’s 4th of March and it kept me awake for hours in the midst of the night. It’s just dream that occasionally just a bedtime stories you dealt with, but sometimes when it actually happen in real life .. i sense it like #DeJavu.

For this one particular, like some others, i ought don’t want this to this to happen, why .. cause it depict how i loose the life companion whom i tie knot on that blessd day, how i always being alerted of life threatend moment in life, how i end up raising seeds of our love alone.

It’s reminder and harsh alert for me to be more cautious of my responsiblity for the coming days, years. Facing the fact that anything can happen in the glimpse of the eye, and nothing i can do if destiny struck at the unconvenient way.

It’s thing in life i have to maintain in its appropriate place, being more responsible, be more obedient, praise more to Allah, do goods to others, share sums of my #blessed salary to those in needs.

Love I, K and S .. treasure of my life, my path companion in Jannah, insha Allah. Bismillah.

*) yume in japanese language means dreaming.

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