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Hello again, I’ve just got my teeth unplugged few days ago. And the pain barely painful, hurt remains as i wrote these. It is one unused back teeth i need to remove, it cause headache lately when it contract deeply, cause migraine too. 2 years ago i faced the same situation where i need to remove the same teeth on other side of my mouth, luckily that end up well, bleeding not more than 3 hour.

But this one, merely any near of that. For more than 5 hour after complicated operation, i’m still bleeding with continuous mouth full of coagulate blood. Thanks to my lovely wife #Sella, she accompany me later evening to an emergency, have my bleed examined. Solely, this happen sometime, Dr Laura said and i need an injection of blood coagulate serum and a vitamin K, that would need approx 1 hour after injection to take effect. Alhamdulillah, it does have effect 2 hour later.

The day after, i try to rest but i have to finish some work at office. So i went to the office. Applaud by juniors in office as i’m being chubby cheek, argggghh. After Friday pray, i took a half day work to come home and rest at home instead. I ate slowly, mouth cannot open widely, but try to eat in normal portion. Last night it bleed light again, maybe because i force my mouth to open wide too frequent.

This morning feel the same, a chubby cheek and dizzy. Hope Drg Zulkifli prediction this suffering ends by weekend really happen. Insha Allah.

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