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before us ..

We’ve start it in a very simple way. From beginning i eager myself to approach her in that place, as i know it’s her from far. What surprise me on our first met she tag along that tote bag filled with fruit as gift. Which later she shared, she doubt whether to bring it on that first met or not. As on that day i replied, it means a lot, more that a complimentary gesture.

We’ve spent most time knowing each other from distance, even in the same city. I learnt to limit myself, she’s kind a of simple girl u’ve met in dream. A religious one, wore hijab, but fun to talk with, sometimes act like fun talented young adult, who express freely on how’s the day gone for her.

I’ve endure the time of learning, facing facts, imaging the future. Thus come drama which i accidently made, then fell in sad, end up weep and praise the Lord to strength my final decision. Days before my birthday i propose her, not asking her anything, just meet her parents despite her cautiously ensure me of my decision considering her condition. As i had ensure myself before go on, i say i know all the consequences, if Allah willing and blessed these, insha Allah everything will run and fine.

We’ve spent day afterwards meeting both our parents, preparation, then the Jakarta reception and finally the Pekanbaru Unduh Mantu end flawlessly, with minor glitch. And now we under the same roof, to learn, remind and praise Allah more each time and day, prepare ourselves and soon descendant for the Day End. Bismillah

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