1430h ..

Today is our New Year 1 Muharram 1430 Hijriyah. Previous year?  not quite well. Hoping this new year it’ll get better. With all i had in pray and all the luck I’m willing to achieve with fullest effort i could pursue. I can’t barely lose more this time, it had struck my nerve just to realize where am i at now. Bismillah.

Okay, last night arrive at home around 2200hr from Darios event. Thank God i didn’t get there with cab, cause there doesn’t seem any standby left on the pool to drove me back home afterward, Hehe. Finally, for the rest my best regard .. Season Greeting and Happy New Year 2009.

10 thoughts on “1430h ..”

  1. @hendrawan: semoga saudara2 di gaza diberi ketabahan hadapi ketidakadilan disana ..
    @indra: yup, setuju.
    @rani: met tahun baru hijriyah juga ran’ ..

  2. aku juga ndak tahu,apa yg ada dipikiran mereka2 itu..
    ah,smga cepet damailah….

    *bos,ente pke ubuntukah..???*

  3. yup, semoga solusi konkrit “benar2” ada .. kasihan anak2 yg jd korban di Gaza. Hmm, iyah bikin dual-boot dgn grub di laptop q .. hehe

  4. @anggie: haha, gpp lg .. ni aj q reply lbh telat lg ..
    @elmo: haha, gak basi elmo .. ni skrg aja hepi chinese new year .. :mrgreen:

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