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morning ..

Thursday morning, woke up early as usual having my Sunnah and Fardhu Subuh pray and a lil’ Qur’an chapter read afterward. Then greeting my lil’ bro’ whom come to his 1st week in the Law Faculty now.

As usual pending check some email and news, next I’m just curious testing my new ” gizmo ” SE mobile to access broadband. While I’m still mobile, not at home. After having USB cable plugged to my SE, activate the LAN connection to my SE and access the HSDPA network to surf. There’s an incoming message from system of few coming client listed for the services in the server whom i need to manage. Alhamdulillah

I’m just curious how fast ” FLASH ” could offer me for a speed to surf and download now. So here few snapshot on my laptop.

(Bahasa) Tapi teteup, walaupun q pake post-paid GSM q gak bakal pake mobile broadband mereka dengan status post-paid juga. Which in fact menurut q masih mahal untuk sekedar pemakaian yang terhitung jarang sekali.

Dah pernah coba mobile surfing? hihi

4 thoughts on “morning ..”

  1. tp sama aj sih, apakh di kalimantan sudh bs speedy 1mbps yah? hmm, flash ini juga kl pagi aja qt liatnya seneng, kl dah peak hour .. ampun . bisa d/c mulu ..

  2. seriusan lu telkomflash cepet? pengen ah, syarat-syarat registrasinya apa aja ya?
    o iya, ade lu masuk hukum? ugm-kah?

  3. yup, kalo pagi .. haha, syarat2nya baca disini yah, krn q gak mau promosi. q anti banget dgn provider ini, krn sayang aja nih nmr dilepas .. *andai number portability ada di Indonesia* .. ckckc

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