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august ..

It’s been a rough time these last 12 month, not to promising, but still had a prospect. I had few endorsement for this month, while still maintaining my other activity. For the uncertain economy, and fluctuative financial market. It does affect some of my portfolio currently in hand, huhu .. *sedih*

Figure shown on the left describe how bad they perform (i prefer show how bad thing are, instead of good) but retain they prospect above JCI (2 of them). Darn, i should add the comparison to expected return gain from BI rate though. Should i diverse to other asset? or add more while the unit price enabling me add more units?

But hey, forget those economy ” yada yada ” i’d told u above. This August also come to the end of month, and next week come the holy month of Ramadhan. So, let me praise these

Met menunaikan Ibadah Puasa, mohon ampunan atas kesalahan ucapan, tindakan yang pernah q lakukan sebelum2 ini. Semoga amalan qt di bulan suci ini diberkahi Allah. Amiin.

Have a pleasant day.

5 thoughts on “august ..”

  1. @ridu: yah, ini jg q masih coba2 toh, tp lumayan sih ketimbang nyimpan nya di deposito .. 😆
    @hendrawan: sama2 bro’ ..
    @rani!: salah ketik itu biasa, q aja sk nulis “belepotan” koq .. hehe
    @elmo: thx ‘mo .. :mrgreen:

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