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Here i post another simple thought about BC monthly thread posting for blogger, this month its about “climate security“. I’ll try to make it short but packed. If you look into Webster dictionary you’d definitely find a diverse meaning of this words, but i wont go there. I’d prefer use my own word. As each of us can do it by ourselves, aagh that simple job.

For me climate security, climate cool (or other similar term they use in the media) it has all the same purposes. The center of attention are, how to sustain current environment condition, climate and advance it ability to survive in the near future.

Scientist throughout the world had spoke in many forum, small league (group) also endorse plan for “green world”, and how important to keep green earth evolve, being as natural as it suppose to and how we as human can contribute “more” in the sense of more healthier air, more trees and keep everything in logical balance.

If you recall back in 2006, former VP Al Gore (US) had submitted his plan for broader act on climate crisis, on how country can minimize side effect of pollutted nature back to its true value. Many idea come up from planting tree to upfront credit to developed countries from wealthy country. I think that’s why he come up with docu-movie “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006

I do appreciate the willingness, efforts, contribution held by many foreign institution, if i say don’t be rhetoric (or being too official), its much better to take a real act (instead of speak, useless gathering) not in the mean of force, but get on the field (directly), encourage everyone to take part in the smallest effort they could contribute.

In a smaller scale, such as

– Reduce the use of AC in low temperature (26 °C still fine with me) which will consume more energy, more fuel burnt at PLN based energy pollutant material (i.e: coal).
– Travel light, use public transport, as it help your muscle move, it help reduce traffic peak on the road (which contribute more exhaust pollution, more heat, and more fuel wasted).
– Be creative, recycle, maximize whats renewable around you. Separate organic and non-organic type of trash. Utilize more nature made fertilizer for plants.

In a broader scale, such as

– Each country reduce dependency on unfriendly energy substance (like coal), and be cautious on unmanageable nuclear energy waste.
– Relying on a water dam to generate power is a brilliant idea since the first built dam in the US in 1930s like Norris. But, again dry climate can make power generation harder than usual.
– Use renewable energy in a manageable manner. From sunlight, hydrogen (H2), water (H2O), wind, bio fuel, etc.

So, the main idea on climate security for me is simplfying excessive habit, reduce over usage and keep everything intact. Reduce carbon emmission, stop logging trafficking, and plant more tree seeds.

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  1. aq kunjungi neh blognya..ternyata sesama peserta yah..gapapa dunk,saling menyemangati..aq dah liat ne film,dan yg menarik emang pesen2 di akhir cerita, yg diringkas dalam tulisan di atas..tapi kl filmnya sendiri agak ngebosenin yah untuk pemula,kecuali lg melototin gambar2nya ajah..moga aja banyak org tau ttg perubahan iklim ini..keep write 🙂

  2. yup, kl blm nangkep ide film ini sblm ntn ya agak sulit memang. ditambah tokoh al-gore sendiri yg byk orang tidak tahu siapa dia, kecuali mereka yg akrab dgn artikel dan isu2 lingkungan ..

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