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1st day in a month, and its Saturday now. Oo, niz paged me last night theres an invitation for gathering back in Jakarta (which i presumably cannot attend). So then, its a nice “offline” title 030.gif for starting of month, well i intend to tag it “leave” previously, but i decline those awful idea scatter around my head recently.

Then, why am i titled the 1st day with it. Oo, there are few reason for it, so i may spare a little here (not to spoiled it, cause whatever i said, the result always come the opposite)

1. no more task related with my duty to the co’s (other).
2. no more moderation, authorize gmux and groupbook to new moderator.
3. no more media assistances for 2-3 colleague domain.
4. recede most activity publicly (include public profiles).

bUzz: typed word offline is no differ with off line, but “geek” call it offline (no connection) , in which for blogger mean “hiatus” (not writing awhile) , as for me interpreted “recede” (vanishing) ?@# And last July-August trip taught me few thing, beyond ..

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