Environment Thought

mismatch ..

Now we had both of these; Oil, and managed it terribly. The crude insufficient output drag us for more imports (while the int’l price hike) made us pay more in $. Well we’re no more in oil bonanza back in 80s – 90s !!

And palm oil output hike (beneficiary of the palm farmer), just made palm crop spread across Sumatra and Borneo, more land clearing, more forest burning, more emission waste to the air, and more heat brought down to earth!! if they think global warming, cr**!!, then what they did just another s*** happening around lately!!

trivia: analyst predict Malaysia and Indonesia are most watch for palm oil producer in Asia hemisphere. while most of it currently use for cooking oil, vegetable oil, etc. i think latest idea to use these substance as alternative energy, not plausible!! (i.e.: using sugar cane into bio-fuel in Brazil).

.. the substance used for living, itself soon empower ur machine


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