ruin ?#@

2 thing related to my ruin stuff last 3 days, include thing personally and colleague ..

Of all admiration i had in the past, of all my understanding and not act recklessly .. at a time like this i may sometime think that i just ruin those dream. Few note sent last night, which kept me awake til 1 AM in the morning remind me to calm and think carefully, word sent to me remind me of those which in the past could recur again. Do i have to ignore u ?@# What have i made myself into, deep s*** !! hehe ..

Tomorrow gone to bdg, off for a new task .. left last posted shout matter for few days, had posted my word on the desk, email and had them read (some response positively) .. just remember how we come this far, hope i could prevent these small, tiny stuff from ruin our lifetime friendship !!

bUzz: ” small little thing called beauty, a bit more and .. ” [ ni*bits.* ]

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