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081006 – Arriving at SSQII, and damn it’s another haze comin’ right in front of my sight. Despite my hopes for a bright clear day here, its’s gonna be hazy for a few weeks until rain comin’ right up .. sooner i hope, pickep up by my parents and pay a visit to family relatives here. unluckliy following meI’ve got a buzz from ranz asked where am i, as it been told before got here earlier 2 week prior to the big IED FITR day. I had to settle somethin’ here then, while i spent most of the time reading some literature related to “islam history” tagged “1001 happening of islam”, it’s quite informative thus i could learn more than what i heard and see lately. Oh yeah i also spent latest week of this ramadhan finishing fira basuki new biography “Hell Yeah” made for WW and bundled WW written notes on djakarta magazine.

Here in secluded corporate zone, everything been tidy up perfectly and as a reminder .. kind of environment i used to grew and learnt, cause i’ll be leaving these for sure beginning next year end. Anyway, i spent each lastly day of these ramadhan with my lil’ bro, sis’ and parents to the mosque for an Isya prayer, Tarawih and Witr. Then if i had enough will (well most, but not less) i’d settled to have Subuh pray on the mosque too, while it’s sure kind a sleepy caught in my sights actually. hehe ..

141006 – Most of the day accompany my mom to prepare for the IED FITR, whether to go shop on market, hypermart, central market or just walk arround pasar bawah find any cheap imported stuff, which sometimes i couldn’t even find in jakarta. oh yeah .. reminded the day before hudanti remind me to attend the yearly fast-break gathering (which i couldn’t attend for now). I dont have to remind at least, thus prior my departure last week i had inform them that i couldn’t attend, due my earlier departure. Well, i wish i could attend groupbook “bandar jakarta” gathering in ancol. may next year i had a better time and luck. Insya Allah ..

201006 – It’s been a long time hadn’t come to base at akasia (eng: acacia) in tangkerang, assist and help cleaning it all up, preparing pekanbaru home for IED FITR day. There still dusty corner, and wipe the floor and its’ sure gave a lot sweat over me ?!@@$ .. hoho

231006 – Ooo, it’s happening again most muhamadiyyah and eastern NU group held the big day today. contrary to what government previous dateline. What a pity to had these being argued all over again, differences. I still questioning the essence of people against these differences, some say it’s ok for the different but some come with conclusion “a sum majority of indonesia muslim, with lack quality it’s had in”.

241006 – Since yesterday till now the message keep comin in, for this year (2nd time i think) i would not sent any IED FITR greet to no one, had it enough lately, thus i had sent the greet via email a week ago, post via sanugrah and my colleague blog. But hey, fortunately they does keep it comin’ to me .. hihihi.

bUzz: i shared my gratitude to lyla, theaa, olla, hudanti, bro’ tondy and sis’ ade, chishai, mia, indah, arieyanti, bro’ ansor, ellys, melly, j-net, roy, mrs. rina, mrs. kanya , ms. santie, yoyok and satrio !! thank u all greatly ..

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